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Philippine, Celebrity, Melodrama And National Politics Deeply Entangled

  • April 12, 2022 at 9:19 pm
Philippine, Celebrity, Melodrama And National Politics Deeply Entangled

The world press is now fascinate by Philippine political affairs after Rodrigo Duterte was elect president in the year 2016. His controversial personality, his evident disregard for protocol as well as the numerous deaths associated. With the war on drugs, which includes extrajudicial executions have received much more attention than the country normally gets.

Understanding Philippine nation’s politics in general and the success of Duterte particularly. Requires a thorough analysis of the role of the media and the public in the electoral process of the country.

Duterte is the beneficiary of a culture of politics in which policies and procedures are less effective. In influencing voters than the glitter of show business and the success of charismatic personal charm.

The Philippine Glamour Factor

Duterte is the latest of the long line of macho politicians that evoke cinematic styles. This model has worked in the Philippines since the 1960s. When Ferdinand Marcos and his glamorous wife Imelda became. The first to be elect using the look of a movie star. And extravagant performances to attract the attention of the public.

Duterte’s reputation for being a tough-talking, shrewd man who takes no hostages is reminiscent of the style. And the language used by Philippine as well as Hollywood action film stars and action film stars. As evident on his nicknames The Punisher and Duterte Harry.

It’s not only it’s not just that Filipino officials adopt the appearance and fashion of famous people to get votes. In many instances the reality is that they were famous before they were elect as politicians.

Comics, performers, and news anchors often get elect to political offices across the nation. In the 2016 election alone 44 famous showbiz personalities ran for office at the national or local levels.

In a world that still control by dynastic families, some of which control entire regions. Or provinces the most famous are typically the only candidate who have enough support to win elections

The present Philippine senators include Manny Pacquiao, a world champion boxer. Who has recently won his welterweight title at Las Vegas. While on a brief break from his duties as a senator. Vicente Tito Sotto III is one of the most well-known stars of the country. Who has for more than three decades has been hosting a highly-rated show at noontime, is a senator.

Philippine Investigations And Scandals

Instead of entertaining the audience with comedy programs or sporting events. During the latter half of 2016, senators Sotto and Pacquiao appeared. On TV screens across the country, interrogating witnesses as part of a telecast inquiry. That was investigating the murder of a mayor detained in his prison cell. In the United States, a lot of Filipinos were rivet by the everyday events that resembled courtroom drama.

For a few weeks personal life details of senator Leila de Lima an uncommon voice of opposition. Against Duterte is being discuss in great detail in both. The Senate and congress in which investigations were carry out on the illegal drug trade and the corruption that took place in prisons.

De Lima had previously served as Secretary for the Department of Justice. And was accuse of directing the drug trade through prisons, with the help of her driver whom she confessed to having a relationship.

The driver, following a lot of delay and confusion and evasion. Was call to testify in the senate and house hearings. He claim that he was bribe by drug dealers. However, de Lima and her defenders claim that such claims are fabricate.

The live senate hearings also included shocking testimony from an incarcerated drug lord Kerwin Espinosa. Who sought to pay retribution for the murder to his late father through speaking out against corrupt officials. Also, the telecast featured testimony from an enthralling National Chief of Police.

A close Duterte friend whose name has become The Rock, the police chief was overcome. With emotion during his speech to the Senate after hearing testimony from corrupt police.

Philippine TV Politics

It’s not a coincidence that these intrigues in the political realm read like soap opera plots. Melodramatic dramas like these are watch with keen interest by the average Filipinos who watch the stories like they are from the television show.

Everyday revelations and entanglements are discussed as people watch the live streams or broadcasts in the living room at restaurants, malls, or in the dining room or on the radio when they travel in public transportation. These conversations are interspersed with celebrity chatter and television as part of day-to-day routine of life. people discuss the variations and twists of every day’s events, and also consider the personal conflicts and family history behind the political controversies.

The main themes of the retribution, betrayal, secret love, and complicate family histories are just a few examples of plot lines that typically appear in the soap operas that are teleserye which were originally create by Latin American telenovelas that are shown on Philippine TV channels in the evening.

First Glance Senators Stuff

At first glance senators stuffed with TV celebrities and sports personalities may appear to be fun but this is actually a serious business. In a world where only a handful of politicians have delivered real reforms to enhance life for Filipinos through real policy, the emotionally charged aspect of watching the highs and lows of the political actors in their senatorial courtroom drama at the very least creates an emotional connection for ordinary viewers.

Some observers say that the pursuit of senate investigations into the specifics of senators sexual activities and televising witness testimony from suspected drug dealers, are distracting politicians and the general public from the more important problems. In the Philippines there are a lot of news stories generate by presidential investigations and senatorial announcements get the same amount of airtime as those about extrajudicial murders. They also create further discussion and disagreement through social media.