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New Political Thriller May Be The Hottest Thing On Television

  • April 12, 2022 at 9:35 pm
New Political Thriller May Be The Hottest Thing On Television

In a Television state trip in China in the United States in 2015. The president Xi Jinping publicly dismissed the contrast of China’s vast and eye-catching anti-corruption program with the cult American TV show The House of Cards.

The reality of China, Xi said, there isn’t any power struggle, and no behind-the-scenes politics. However as In The Name of the People the corruption-focused. Political drama that aired on TV in March, and was able to attract millions of viewers every week, the media were quick to compare it with the Netflix show.

Applauds and applause for the appalling incident. The 55-episode series is China’s latest attempt to draw on popular culture to show. Its achievements and resolutions in the massive corruption crackdown Xi began when he came to power in 2012.

The show became an instant success, and quickly gained a reputation. As the most popular thing to watch on Chinese screens both locally as well as internationally. Its recent ratings increased to 7.7%, surpassing records for the past ten years in China’s domestic drama market. Just one of the authorized online streaming platforms, iQiyi has seen more than 5.9 billion viewers.

The viewers are both shock and applauding scenes that not often seen. In China such as a corruption-ridden Party leader kneeling. And crying for mercy as mounds of banknotes conceal in his private villa discoved. By the main character an experience young prosecutor, and a corrupt local judge who caught on camera with a foreign prostitute paid by an entrepreneur.

Product Of The Political Television

These kinds of dirt have been the basis of a lot of gossip in China However. It has never so vividly depict. China’s culture production is heavily control and extremely restrict. The Party’s powerful media monitor The State Administration of Press. Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) determines what Chinese people are watching.

In the Name of the People has appeared on television because it’s more an ideological mission. Than an entertainment product driven by market forces. The show is produce and fund by China’s top national prosecutor’s office, known as the Supreme People’s Procuratorate at 120 million Yuan (US$17.4 million) more than the amount of other locally produced television shows.

A public official of the Procuratorate of Supreme People’s said to Chinese media they received directions from the watchdog for media to encourage positive energy by showcasing the success of China’s anticorruption campaign, and not the magnitude of corruption that exists within the country.

Anti-Graft Dramas Television

As a result of this mission The main actors of the show have proved unwilling to transmit positive energy positive energy. They have been over-acting, which has essentially destroyed the show’s artistic quality according to some critiques who have posted on the social networks.

But this flaw isn’t stopping viewers from tuning in because of its political theme that is rare within China in recent times. In the past there were anti-graft shows that were popular however in 2004, they were ban by authorities due to being low quality.

In the absence of any political drama, what has dominated in China are shows on television that deal with family values and on Chinese soldiers heroic battle against Japanese during WWII or emperors with their concubines from the imperial palace of Qing dynasty.

As China’s political landscape shifts as well, so is the entertainment on screen. Television has been an effective medium in many countries for massive manipulation of politics from the 1950s onwards, and is still in spite of the constantly changing media environment.

In China TV is the most popular battleground for gaining public support and shaping the public’s opinion in favor of Xi’s crackdown on corruption. Since 2016, afflicted corrupt officials have confessed their crimes with tears on primetime news channels and in documentaries by the corruption watchdog of the government agency.

The government has chosen to release entertainment-oriented television shows aimed at a large public. Alongside the current blockbuster eleven other primetime dramas about China’s corrupt investigation set to appear on television screens in millions of homes at the end of this year.

This torrential downpour is expected to alter the public perception in China regarding. What is happening with the Xi administration’s anti-graft strategy and its great achievements.

Wearing A Watch That Is Compulsory

At present, it’s been made compulsory watching In the Name of the People in China. This is actually the case in certain cities in which Party cadres are required. To watch the show and review the show in not less than 1500 words.

Maybe others are watching it in hopes of learning to survive power struggles in politics. Everyone seems to be watching the show to keep up. On the latest issues of national significance on both the internet and offline.

But the public discussion on the situation is geared towards the government’s preferred path which is positive. On Zhihu which is a similar to Quora’s knowledge-sharing Chinese website with around 20 million registered. Users out of 169 responses to the question how to comment. On In the Name of the People, 145 responses were remove. Many were remove for having been politically sensitive according to the website.

The show is unique on the scene in China because it addresses. The delicate issue of corruption within the official system. What and how much of it is disclose on the show is control by viewers interest and the marketplace.

The show’s name is in line with the official slogan of the party serving the people. This is not surprising, as it is a constant theme in the media’s narratives. Which told by the media that you must serve the party.