Meet the Crew...

Pictured Here (from L to R)...
Steve Ash, Judy Morrissey, Ted Pellman, Karen Sunderman, Greg Grell

Welcome to the Venture North Crew Section!

Karen Sunderman - Producer

Karen Sunderman is the producer/host of two PBS eight programs: "Venture North" and “Great Gardening.” Prior to coming to PBS, she spent five years in commercial TV news as a reporter and producer in Duluth. At PBS eight, she coordinates "Venture North" and documentary projects as they arise. In her spare time she skis, camps, canoes & pulls weeds.

Steve Ash - Producer, Editor, Photographer

Steven Ash is an award winning videographer with 20+ years of professional experience working in television. He is currently the director, editor and principal videographer for "Venture North," and the producer of an independent film showcase called “Smart Films,” among other jobs at PBS eight. Filmmaking and still photography take up the majority of his spare time.

Greg Grell - Producer

Greg Grell has been producing and hosting programs for commercial and public television stations for over 25 years. In addition to producing and reporting feature segments for Venture North, Greg is the founding producer of “Almanac North”, a weekly news and public affairs program. Greg is married and has two sons.

Ted Pellman - Producer, Editor, Photographer

Ted Pellman is inspired by the beauty of the region. Photography has been his passion for more than 30 years. His skills developed while working as a news photographer where his flair for capturing scenic images earned him distinction.

Judy Hadel Morrissey - Producer, Editor, Photographer

Judy Hadel Morrissey brings 30 years of production and documentary experience to the Venture North team. She has worked as an editor, a videographer and a producer at PBS eight. She is a native of Duluth and enjoys the people, places and activities the Northland has to offer.